Wendy Coulombe speaks at the 2019 graduation

Wendy Coulombe, Secondary Program Coordinator & math faculty

#1 Classroom rule: No one can say something is ‘easy.’ What if the student beside you is struggling with that problem? What if next time it is you who is struggling?
Favorite student quote: “I'm not even doing math—it’s just thinking!”
Music to my ears: Students passionately debating mathematics.”

Alexa Boss, Spanish language faculty

A teacher smiles at a student in a science lab

Alaine Davis, science faculty

Favorite way to use prep time: setting up a crime scene!
Favorite comment overheard in my classroom: “Don't bother asking Alaine that question. She'll just ask you a bunch of questions back until you figure it out for yourself.”
Thing I'm mostly likely to bring to the table: anything purple.”—Alaine Davis, science faculty

A woman works at a laptop on a desk that is covered with papers and books.

Sharon Dunn, humanities faculty

Classroom obsession: Art on the walls reflective of the people and periods being studied.
Bottom line: It’s not about something being easy; it’s about learning how to handle difficult material.
Something my students inevitably provide: Reasons to care.”

Lyla Irvine, faculty & English Language Learning specialist


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Shyamala Iyer, math & science specialist

#1 Classroom rule:
Favorite student quote:
Music to my ears:

A woman stands in front of a whiteboard gesturing as she teaches

Kelly Koffman, humanities & math faculty

Favorite novel: ‘East of Eden,’ by John Steinbeck
Favorite thing my students regularly do: argue about who gets to read the newest book in the classroom library next.
Favorite quote about writing: ‘The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.’—Terry Pratchett”

Jill O’Keefe, College Counselor

Atsuko Seckinger, Japanese language faculty

Carlos Valencia, faculty