Have you ever found yourself wondering how blood splatter patterns impact criminal investigations? Do coding problems keep you up at night? Ranging from Astro Biology and Forensic Science to Python Programming, we offer a wide range of electives to help students explore topics beyond the basics.

Electives are offered as a semester or a yearlong class and the choices vary every semester. Not all electives will be offered each year. In addition to the possible choices offered below, students are encouraged to suggest courses that are of personal interest. During the course of their Secondary experience, students are encouraged to explore each area of Visual Arts, Drama and STEM. Online electives are available through www.redcomet.org.

Possible elective courses:
Independent Research Project (½ credit/yr.) 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) ROV (Remotely Operatized Vehicles), sections 1 & 2
Architecture and 3D Modeling
Computer Science and Data Structures
STEM: Speaker Construction, Circuits, and Leather Work (Innovation & Design Lab)
Fine Arts—Music, Drama and Visual Art