In a Montessori math class the entire experience is designed to be student-centered. Students check with each other as they work through problems rather than asking the teacher for the correct answer. Often the answer key is provided and the challenge for each student is generating the steps to get there. There is an emphasis on being able to prove and explain reasoning to others. This builds a deep and sustained understanding of concepts which is preferable to memorization of formulas and algorithms.

Math is often a subject that strikes fear into the hearts of many students—and parents. Here at WMHS we believe in meeting students where they are and focusing on where they need to go next. We provide engaging, relevant lessons that prepare them for success in the classroom. Doing math is a creative process leading to multiple solutions to each problem. Students practice doing math the way the pros do, using collaborative processes, trial and error, and discovery-based inquiry learning. Sufficient practice ensures mastery of concepts.