College Counseling

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Jill O'Keefe, College Counselor

Jill’s work with our son prepared all of us and helped with each phase of the college search process. We ended up looking at schools we might not have known of or considered but were great choices and a good fit for Emery. Jill helped us take the mystery and confusion out of the process, lay out a workable timeline, schedule visits and, ultimately, make the perfect choice for all of us. Having a college counselor who can work so closely with students and can come to know them and their families so well is a unique experience. That in itself increased the odds that we would make choices that fit our needs and our budget while also making sure our son was at the right school.

“Emery is thriving at Trinity University. He is prepared academically, thanks to the faculty at WMS. Trinity was not originally a school we even considered, Jill added it to Emery’s list via the web application that they were using. If not for Jill, we might not have even visited. But within minutes of stepping onto the Trinity campus Emery said, ‘This is it.’ And it has turned out to be so…”—Paige, parent of an alumnus

At WMHS our college counseling philosophy is student-centered and goal-driven. We work with families to develop lists of schools to fit student needs rather than mold students to fit pre-conceived lists of prestigious schools.

Each student has unique goals and criteria for their college education which we work with them to meet.

Weekly class for juniors and seniors

Are you the student who appreciates building relationships with peers and professors?

Are you the student who is interested in learning about colleges you've never heard of before?

Are you the student who wants to find a college that is best suited for you even if it's not at the top of the rankings?

Are you the student who is interested in exploring a wide array of college options?

Are you the student who recognizes that the college your neighbor attends may not be the college you are best suited for?

Are you unsure of where your academic interests might lead?

Are you the student who appreciates a college that will challenge you academically but not break you financially?

Are you the student who sees value in belonging to a diverse student community and learning from varying perspectives?

If this sounds like you, the WMHS college advising program will be a tremendous resource for you as you navigate the college admission process.

Our weekly college planning class is grounded in the philosophy that our role is to help students find schools that are a good fit for them rather than molding students to fit within the expectations of a prestigious school.

Together with our College Counselor, students work through a variety of tools to help them understand their goals and key college criteria. With that information they research appropriate school options to develop a list of potential colleges. Students present information on schools they are interested in to the group, increasing everyone’s knowledge base.

As a class students work through each element of the application process including developing a resume, building depth of experience beyond academics, interviews, campus visits and essays.

So, what is your spirit fruit? Interview day is a lively spring tradition allowing seniors to turn the tables and act as interviewers for the junior class. All the abstract, outside-the-box questions the seniors have been asked over the course of their admission process are dusted off and used to help juniors prepare for the college interview process.

Our annual Skills For Success culminating project helps students focus on key life skills to ease the transition to college life.

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