Keep 6:30 p.m., Jan. 23, open for the WMHS drama class performance of “The SeussOdyssey,” acted out through puppets that the students have themselves created and learned to use.

Narrator 1 and 2 guide your literary journey, as Homer’s Odyssey is told in the style of Dr. Seuss. Hear the singing Cyclops (“Oh the sights you can spy with only one eye!”), watch the slaughter of the suitors acted out with puppets, and the sorceress Circe serve up crew members with a side of green eggs. Don Zolidis wrote the funny, fast-moving adaptation of the classic epic.

Tickets are available at the door (the Brightwater Center), and will cost $2 each or $5 for families. Children 3 and under are admitted free. Director Kylie McElrath notes that the play includes some “mild suggestiveness,” and is aimed at a PG-13 audience.

The class held a dress rehearsal for the Upper Elementary classes this morning.