By May H. ’18
Chicago is a beautiful city. It’s full of skyscrapers and amazing museums. Sometimes the most amazing thing is hidden from view. The El, Chicago’s train system, is often not thought of as one of the important things to see in Chicago, but it’s extremely important to Chicago city. When there are so many museums many people don’t think about the amazing way they got to those places.

The train system, unlike in New York, is mostly above ground. There are a few tunnels here and there, but most of the time the El runs on top of the city. WMS students stayed in a hostel near one of the tracks of the El and could often hear the trains as they passed on those tracks. Staying there gave students a birds-eye-view on the train system below them. The tracks that the trains run on are wooden and held up by iron supports, so that they don’t crash into the city below them.

The El is a major part of Chicago. During rush hour, the train is filled to the maximum. People can’t move for fear that they will fall over because they are packed together so tightly. Without the El, there would be major traffic problems on the roads. The El was created for the major transportation of people in Chicago. Buses were also an option, but with so many people needing to go to many places at one time, there would need to be many buses, which would clog up the roads and cause more pollution problems. There are still buses in Chicago, though, but they aren’t as packed because many people take the El, making the El an amazing and intriguing mode of transportation in Chicago.

(The Ash class, ninth through 12th grades, traveled to Chicago, Ill., in late May to explore that city’s influential architecture, and visit its renowned museums. Each student wrote about his or her experiences.)