Students in the Japanese 1 class learned some calligraphy during the first week of January.

“I really liked the calligraphy project because it offered a unique insight into Japanese culture and history. It was also fun making ink and drawing the characters. We also learned about the different parts of the calligraphy set and paper.”—Tane

“The experience of writing in calligraphy was very enjoyable. There were many intricacies and ways to do it so no two peoples’ calligraphy is the same.”—Daniel

“The grinding ink process was long, but it gave a satisfying feeling and it was amazing to see how water could turn into ink. It was also very interesting to learn about how to write stops and hooks. I think it’s the same from China, and I’m very happy to see my handwriting getting slightly better than before.”—Yvonne

“I thought that the calligraphy project would be easy for me since I was confident in my ability to write characters with a pencil. It was surprisingly much more difficult. A clean stroke needs to be steady. All of the hairs on the brush need to be together, and the brush has to be lifted off the paper in the right way for the correct effect. I figured out how to do a good ‘stop’ with the brush, but the hook and fade-out were very difficult for me. Controlling the brush was very difficult for me, but the process was still enjoyable and fascinating. I may even have to get my own calligraphy set for home. ”—Taylor