By Sidhanth S. ’20
Between first and second quarters, the high school had a week-long Intersession, an Ideal City/Urbanization project. They studied architecture, visited Seattle and planned and created their own ideal city model. This is one of the write-ups and some of the photos the students produced.

When we first arrived in downtown Seattle, we were met by this gorgeous classical Greco-Roman structure. This really caught our eyes as such a unique and prominent structure lay in downtown Seattle. This was my personal favorite building on the field trip, as we had just covered nearly all history of the Ancient Mediterranean societies. The building used to be the old Coliseum Theatre, but in 2003 was converted into a classy looking Men’s Banana Republic outfitter.

Another one of my favorite locations we visited was the construction of the Amazon office building, we got a clear look at its established shape and it was marvelous. We were able to look at the massive bio-spheres, which were recently not just scaffolding anymore, which gave it an amazing look as the glass gleamed in the sunlight of Seattle.

The most colorful building by far in Seattle is the Doppler, this massive skyscraping building brought wonder to our eyes whilst walking by it. So many panes of glass crawled up boasting their pink blush all over downtown Seattle. Another prime example of Seattle’s modern diversity it is packing in its new constructions.

Former Coliseum Theatre

Doppler Building