By Anisha C. ’18
Between first and second quarters, the high school had a week-long Intersession, an Ideal City/Urbanization project. They studied architecture, visited Seattle and planned and created their own ideal city model. This is one of the write-ups and some of the photos the students produced.

Sixth and Virgina

From the intersection of 6th Avenue and Virginia Street, I could see tall, cylinder buildings. The windows themselves appeared rectangular, which combined with the overall round shape and oddly-extended flat tops made for very interesting buildings. They caught my eye because I had never really considered that office or apartment buildings could be that sort of shape. I’m sure I had seen them or other similar ones before, but I had never paid attention.

Community garden

After walking a long time and seeing all sorts of buildings and construction, I wasn’t expecting to come across a garden. The concept of a community garden was something I had heard of, but never really encountered, and it was an odd feeling to see one in the middle of a city. I especially found it fitting how in the backdrop you could see a tall crane, contrasting with the peaceful greenery of the garden.