ea-2016Congratulations to Emery Armentrout '17, whose hard work as a student here is being recognized by multiple acceptances and scholarship offers from colleges, and a chamber of commerce award!

Emery is a WMS “lifer,” having attended from the age of 3, and graduates this June as part of Woodinville Montessori High School's first senior class.

Emery, who applied for early acceptance, has so far received acceptance letters from three colleges, each offering him an annual academic scholarship. The offers range from $18,000 ($72,000 over four years), to $22,000 ($88,000 over four years) to $25,000 ($100,000 over four years).

In addition, the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce honored Emery as their November Student of the Month.

WMS Head of School Mary Schneider says Emery made these things happen for himself by making the most of the support, advice and learning opportunities available at WMS.

“We are likely almost as pleased, proud and elated as he and his parents over this good news,” Mary says. “Look for more good news about our senior class in the weeks to come. They are setting a great precedent for all the students to come.”

Emery is one of three students who elected to stay through their senior years to pioneer our WMS high school, Mary notes. Earlier this year we recognized Ivy MacDuff '17 and Isabel Canning '17 as Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship program.

“They are very special people indeed,” she says. “They and their parents took a huge leap of faith to invest in the future of WMS in a powerful and unique way. We are enormously grateful for their tenacity and courage, and we are delighted to share the story of how that investment is already paying off for one of them.”