High School and Middle School students in Japanese 1 classes with Atsuko Seckinger learned to make authentic sushi on Nov. 20.

“I had a great time cooking this morning,” Kevin said. “I found it really cool how they used the cooking mats to help roll up the rolls.

“I also thought the way we made the rice was way better than any other rice I have had. It was really tasty and I have never had cucumber in a roll before, but I’m happy I did.

“Lastly it was an overall fun time and if I could get my hands on one of those cooking mats I would happily try again. (Though I would never put wasabi in mine).”

“Today’s sushi-making class was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot,” Jitu said. “Even if I had way too much wasabi on mine. Even with what happened with the wasabi, I had a great time and I hope we can do something like that in the future.”

“I absolutely loved making the sushi rolls, with the vinegar, rice, and wasabi,” said Hemi. “I never knew things like the fact that the seaweed would matter whether it was rough or smooth. It tasted very great.”