High School Humanities teacher Sharon Dunn has devoted a pair of Saturdays to sharing enrichment experiences with students.

In October, Sharon met with senior Nancy Wang after her Chapman University interview on a sunny October Saturday and they took a field trip to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in South Lake Union Park to support Nancy’s high school-level Washington State History Course.

On Nov. 2, Sharon met sophomore Narendra, fresh off an Orienteering run in West Seattle, and his family, for a walk through the busy National College Fair being held in the downtown Seattle Convention Center. While his mom and sister took a break from the crowd, Narendra and Sharon toured every aisle. He packed away a large selection of literature from colleges around the country, and enjoyed speaking with several representatives about their offerings in Civil Engineering and such sports as track and soccer. Even though Narendra is only a sophomore, he felt it was worthwhile.

“It helped give me an idea of how many schools there are all over,” he said.

According to Sharon, “The trip is a great way to just open our students’ minds to the many possible avenues for higher education—the more roads they realize exist, the better chance they will think through choices of schools that will suit them as human beings making one of the key investments of their lives.”

After almost two hours, everyone was happy to head out for the rest of their Saturday!