Seventeen Sobering Minutes

WMHS students had thought that their small numbers wouldn’t make a significant statement on National School Walkout Day to protest school gun violence. But when 10 a.m. rolled around on March 14, a group stood in the cold wind outside building 2, heads bowed in silence for and remembrance of the 17 Marjory Stoneman Douglas […]

Senior is National Merit Scholarship Finalist!

Senior Anisha Chutani has been named a National Merit Scholarship Finalist—Woodinville Montessori High School’s first Finalist. She received her Certificate of Merit at a special presentation to the high school and middle school on Feb. 16. About 15,000 students nationwide have been named Finalists; from that group, half will be selected to receive National Merit […]

Secondary learns CPR before offering first Kids’ Night Out of year

On Friday, Sept. 22 the Secondary class (7th-12 grade) earned their CPR/First Aid certifications by taking a 2-hour course with retired firefighter Ken Norris. This is part of the training students are receiving to help them be prepared and professional while staffing WMS Kids’ Night Out(KNO) events, the first of which is scheduled for Oct. […]

WMHS Seniors Review the Opera “An America Dream”

By Anisha C. ’18 and May H. ’18 On Thursday, September 7th, the seniors went to see “An American Dream” performed by the Seattle Opera at Washington Hall, a historic building built in 1908. The opera was set in World War II during the internment of Japanese Americans. This made the venue of the performance […]

Middle School Digs History

See photos of the Crow Canyon trip.

Urban architecture

Students imagine ideal city during intersession, 5

By Gabriel B.’20 This picture is of the historic and amazing Paramount theater that we saw on our adventure around Seattle. This stood out for me because of the historical aspect. The building itself is well built, incredible, and beautiful. This photo shows an intricate church that we came across while walking. I found it […]

Students imagine ideal city during intersession, 4

By Dylan R. '20 I shot this photo while looking at part of the Paramount sign and up at an apartment high-rise across the street. This picture shows an example of how new buildings are using various colors, and formed a contrast with the older Paramount building. The theater has a vibrant neon sign. This […]

Urban architecture

Students imagine ideal city during intersession, 3

By Emery A. ’17 During my class's expedition to Seattle to view the city's architecture, I didn't have a clear idea about what to expect. I anticipated seeing interesting looking buildings, but beyond that I wasn't sure. I ended up being astonished by the history behind so many of the buildings we saw, the amount […]

Urban architecture

Students imagine ideal city during intersession, 6

By Ivy M. ’17 When we were walking past these buildings at Boren and Stewart, I found the reflections they cast on each other beautiful. They sparked a discussion about zoning and the impact that shadows from high buildings can have on the environment and the quality of surrounding living or working space. At 6th […]

Students imagine ideal city during intersession, 2

By Anisha C. ’18 Between first and second quarters, the high school had a week-long Intersession, an Ideal City/Urbanization project. They studied architecture, visited Seattle and planned and created their own ideal city model. This is one of the write-ups and some of the photos the students produced. From the intersection of 6th Avenue and […]

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