No Longer Empty, These Walls Have Wisdom

The walls of WMHS’s long upstairs hallway, so empty in summer, are now vibrant exhibit spaces for High School and Middle School student work. With visual components a part of every quarter’s assignments, the walls teem with student wisdom. At the Secondary level, as in Elementary, Early Childhood and Toddler communities, Montessori education reflects interdisciplinary […]

Stained glass polygons

Artwork reflects geometry

These stained glass pieces were the Secondary’s final geometry project of the 2017-2018 school year. Students had to design them using polyhedrons, then calculate the area and that of two of their classmates’ projects. All of the shapes that are used are symmetrical. View more of the pieces in the gallery →.

Platonic solids

Building Platonic solids integrates art and math

  In 360 BCE, Plato wrote about five polyhedra—solid figures with sides consisting of regular polygons. These are the tetrahedron (4 equilateral triangles), hexahedron (6 squares), octahedron (8 equilateral triangles), dodecahedron (12 regular pentagons), and icosahedron (20 equilateral triangles). Plato believed that these solids were the building blocks of the universe, and that unlocking their […]

Creating Visual Art From the Written Form

Secondary art students of Charlene Freeman recently learned the art of book folding. See the gallery by clicking on the title link. To see a larger version of a work in the gallery, please click on the photo.—Photos by Charlene Collins Freeman

In the Style of Van Gogh

Art teacher Charlene Freeman recently taught the Middle School students about painting in the style of Van Gogh. See several of them in this post. These paintings and more are on the wall in the upstairs hallway of Building 2 at North Creek, if you’d like to see them for yourself.

Modigliani-Inspired Art

By Sarah A., ’21 In our first art class, Ginkgo students created Amedeo Modigliani-inspired drawings. Amedeo Modigliani was an Italian artist who liked to paint people with elongated necks and eyes that are pretty high up. These paintings are supposed to look elegant and graceful. We first drew with a pencil and then filled in […]

Drawing with Depth and Dimension

Every Thursday, the Secondary community takes part in its elective classes which consist of a drama class, a STEM class (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and an art class, which is what I will be writing about today. This semester, the art students focused on depth and dimension in their drawings, making them more realistic and […]

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