Of Nobler Ways

A short story by Zach— His eyes shone forth like two brilliant sparks in a wildfire of contorted fury. They split through the air like javelins, not stopping to rest at the man’s heart, but continuing forth to strike him in the soul. The king commanded him to rise, but in a voice so barely […]

The Papaya Girl

By May H. ’18— Once upon a time there lived a couple named Surya and Aditya Matahari. They were grateful to the gods in many ways, yet they were sad because they couldn’t have children. Surya prayed to the gods to grant him and Aditya a child. One day, Surya was cutting down papayas when […]

A Thanks to France

A poem just for fun. By Annika M. and Daisy H., both 7th grade— A Thanks to France It starts as a seed, And grows to a sprout, Then comes the potato. Soon after, There are knifes, And hot oil, Now, Here’s the French fries. Salty, Crunchy, French, Fries. With a burger, I want fries, […]

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