Studying enzymes

The high school biology class recently studied catalase, an enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

Edible Mitosis

Each fall, the high school biology classes learn about the process of cell division called mitosis by decorating frosted doughnuts to show the different stages of the process. Figuring out how to illustrate mitosis reinforces the concepts. Watch one of the presentations students made after creating their edible cells.→

A Cell is Like a Bakery

In Middle School Life Science class, students created models and posters with analogies comparing either plant or animal cells to other things. A Cell is Like a Bakery, according to two eighth-grade students who baked this amazing cake. In the table below, you can read the analogies, from the nucleus/owner to the vacuoles/display cases. How […]

When Doughnuts Explain Mitosis

Woodinville Montessori High School biology students recently showed all the stages of mitosis through decorated doughnuts, then presented slideshows of their projects (linked below). Watch to see how they illustrated the process and demonstrated what they learned. The Process of Mitosis Stages of Mitosis Stages of Mitosis

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