Forensics class investigates Dollhouses of Death

The Dollhouse of Death project culminates the first semester science elective, a course in Forensics for 9th-12th-graders. Students built their dollhouses individually or in pairs, being sure to include all features specified as project criteria. They evaluate their own work according to 12 rubric categories, and then proceed to take notes on an investigatory sheet […]

MS students show immigration stories

Middle School students’ culminating immigration projects were built upon interviews with family members to learn as much as possible about their personal immigration and emigration stories: What were some countries of origin? What states have people lived in? How did the students come to be in the Seattle metropolitan area? Presentations also included illustrations relevant […]

Students of Japanese try their hands at calligraphy

Students in the Japanese 1 class learned some calligraphy during the first week of January. “I really liked the calligraphy project because it offered a unique insight into Japanese culture and history. It was also fun making ink and drawing the characters. We also learned about the different parts of the calligraphy set and paper.”—Tane […]

High School Voices: CO2 Emission Rising in 4 Years

By Katherine Lee ‘22 Human-caused climate change is definitely one of the most serious issues in the world since the early 1800s. The emission of CO2 started during the Industrial era, where humans built an immense amount of factories. Climate change is a topic that the United Nations and many scientists in different countries are […]

Japanese language classes make sushi

High School and Middle School students in Japanese 1 classes with Atsuko Seckinger learned to make authentic sushi on Nov. 20. “I had a great time cooking this morning,” Kevin said. “I found it really cool how they used the cooking mats to help roll up the rolls. “I also thought the way we made […]

No Longer Empty, These Walls Have Wisdom

The walls of WMHS’s long upstairs hallway, so empty in summer, are now vibrant exhibit spaces for High School and Middle School student work. With visual components a part of every quarter’s assignments, the walls teem with student wisdom. At the Secondary level, as in Elementary, Early Childhood and Toddler communities, Montessori education reflects interdisciplinary […]

Aspects of ancient Greece and Rome

High School students recently presented their posters on aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. Their subjects included Greek mathematicians, the Roman Army and the Olympic Games.

High School tries Odysseus for blinding of Cyclops

Freshman and sophomore literature students tried Odysseus for the blinding of Cyclops in a mock trial on Monday. It was their final on “The Odyssey” for the first quarter. Students took the trial very seriously, and were not only well-prepared, but were also adept at ad-libbing. They dressed in their best courtroom apparel for the […]

High School retreats to Olympic Peninsula

In the featured photo, high school students study river flow at Nature Bridge during their annual beginning-of-the-school year retreat. They spent three full days at the Olympic Peninsula environmental education center. At Nature Bridge, students develop inquiry-based science skills while hiking nearby peaks, exploring in canoes, investigating tidepools, and analyzing old growth forests.  See a […]

Stained glass polygons

Artwork reflects geometry

These stained glass pieces were the Secondary’s final geometry project of the 2017-2018 school year. Students had to design them using polyhedrons, then calculate the area and that of two of their classmates’ projects. All of the shapes that are used are symmetrical. View more of the pieces in the gallery →.

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