High School tries Odysseus for blinding of Cyclops

Freshman and sophomore literature students tried Odysseus for the blinding of Cyclops in a mock trial on Monday. It was their final on “The Odyssey” for the first quarter. Students took the trial very seriously, and were not only well-prepared, but were also adept at ad-libbing. They dressed in their best courtroom apparel for the […]

Puppetry takes the stage

The high schoolers recently had a special treat—a professional puppeteer visited their drama elective and gave the students their first taste of working with puppets under the watchful eye of a professional puppeteer. Puppetry is a great way for students to fully throw themselves into a character while learning the ropes of acting and putting […]


High School Students Develop Leadership Skills

By Director of Secondary Programs Carter McCoy— You may have seen them outside each week playing games. Maybe it was hopping from one piece of paper to the next. Or trying to lower a tent pole simultaneously. Or even flipping a tarp they are all standing on. While all of these activities are certainly fun, […]

ID Lab

Making things

We hosted a photographer and marketing director from the American Montessori Society on Oct. 5, and when we showed them the Innovation & Design (ID) Lab, they wanted to view our students in action. See more photos in the gallery.

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