U of C seminar was a trip highlight

By Ivy M. ’17 On the Wednesday of our Chicago trip, I went with the rest of the 11th-graders and Sharon as we split off from the rest of the Ash class. Together, we had the opportunity to sit in on a University of Chicago seminar class on a portion of W.E.B. Du Bois’ “The […]

Startling to learn about 1968 Democratic Convention

By Emery A. ’17 During the trip to Chicago, the first of several museums we visited had many exhibits on the history of Chicago. These typically included such things as prominent inventions and industries present in Chicago, especially the prevalence of hot dogs and the meat industry overall. However, what really grabbed my attention was […]

A meaningful visit to the Chicago Institute of Art

By Janick G. ’18 On Thursday afternoon, we visited the Chicago Institute of Art—a massive, one million square foot museum housing art forms in every style, period, and place imaginable. Made up of eight buildings, the museum was constructed in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition, a fair that we’ve spent the last quarter studying […]

The El

By May H. ’18 Chicago is a beautiful city. It’s full of skyscrapers and amazing museums. Sometimes the most amazing thing is hidden from view. The El, Chicago’s train system, is often not thought of as one of the important things to see in Chicago, but it’s extremely important to Chicago city. When there are […]

The Great Fire of Chicago

by Maggie G. ’19 On the last day of the End of Year Trip, before heading to the airport, we went to the Harold Washington Library. It is the biggest library I’ve ever seen, eleven floors. It was completed on October 7, 1991. In 1991 the new mayor, Richard M. Daley, named the building in […]

The Terracotta Warriors in the Field Museum

Yunhao G.’19 On Thursday, we went to Chicago’s Field Museum. One part that I liked was the exhibit of the terracotta warriors. There are nine real terracotta warriors from China at the museum, and there are also some replicas. The terracotta warriors were made for the first emperor of China, Qin Shihuang’s, tomb. He believed […]

Chicago museums impressed Ash class

By Sunniva P. ’18 A brief overview of the museums the high school visited in Chicago Chicago History Museum In the Chicago History Museum, the high school class explored the extensive and in-depth history of Chicago, from the meatpacking and industrial eras, to Native American residence and colonialization, and other more recent parts of history. […]

Helping out and getting acquainted

By Anisha C. ’18 On the week of the sixteenth, while the other Ash students headed to Chicago, I stayed back because the health challenges that I face would have made going difficult. During that week, along with working on some schoolwork, I helped around in the Ginkgo classroom for community service. One of the […]

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