Calculating the Ideal Gas Constant

An 11th-grade student conducts a lab involving the ideal gas law, specifically executing a procedure that generates hydrogen gas at a given pressure to use in calculating the ideal gas constant, or “R.” She discovered this lab and used it as part of her culminating project in Chemistry in the unit on gas laws and […]

Posters Employ Seven Tricks of Propaganda

By Maya G., 8th grade— This week in social studies, students created propaganda posters on various ideas. Some students based their posters off of facsimiles, while others created original propaganda posters. Students also learned about the seven tricks of propaganda and incorporated them into their posters. Everyone worked incredibly hard on their posters and all […]

IN-DEPTH: The Maltese Falcon is Classic Film Noir

By Ivy M. ’17— “The Maltese Falcon” is a classic example of the genre film noir, from the mise en scene to the characters to the plotline. This film fits into the genre so well because it brings together many of the elements of film noir. To begin with, the music of “The Maltese Falcon,” […]

Diversity Leadership Retreat Starts Conversation

By Dylan R., 8th grade— On February 5-6, Dylan, Zoe, Finn, Taylor, and Dathan attended an overnight Diversity Leadership Retreat at University Prep. The purpose of the trip was to learn about the diversity in our lives, from gender to disabilities, and learning how to accept and welcome people from different backgrounds. The Woodinville Montessori […]

“Devil in the Grove” recounts tragic case of false accusation and racism

By Emery A. ’17— “Devil in the Grove” tells the story of four young black men who were falsely accused of rape by a 17-year-old white girl named Norma Lee Padgett in Groveland, Florida, in 1949. Samuel Shepherd, Walter Irvin, Charles Greenlee, and Ernest Thomas each faced extreme persecution and violence despite never committing any […]

Event Raised Funds for End-of-Year Trip

By Dylan R., 8th grade— On Jan. 29, the Middle School hosted an event at Elevated Sportz to raise money for the class' end-of-year trip. This was one of Ginkgo’s many fundraising events, including a gingerbread event and Kids Night Out. About 40-50 people came to the event for a fun night of jumping from […]

STEM Projects Completed For Quarter’s End

By Anisha C. ’18— The last week of semester one electives saw students getting the choice to either choose a different elective next semester or keep the same. In STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), we are finishing up the projects we’ve been working on, remote-controlled underwater robots. One group is completely done, while most […]

Understanding the Revolution and the Constitution

By Sophia M., 7th grade— Students wrapped up the second cycle and prepared for finals! They worked on a particularity big project for Social Studies. Here is a student recording a script for her project, which will later be layered over an animation. These projects will help them understand the Revolutionary War and the Constitution, […]

Lending a Helping Hand

By Zoe C., 8th grade— At the beginning of this cycle (Cycle 3) the students of Gingko and Ash classes chose their new community service programs for the second half of the school year. There were a few choices, and about six of us chose to help out at a local thrift store: Helping Hands. […]

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