HS Students Analyze Weather Data

High school chemistry students actively analyze data that they collected earlier in the quarter on humidity, pressure change, wind speed, etc. to determine how air masses, and thus weather fronts, move through our region.

A Safe Haven For Horses

WMHS students toured SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) in Woodinville on Jan. 26. SAFE is the Secondary’s new community service site. The organization’s mission is to “rescue, rehabilitate and retrain horses facing neglect or abuse and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanent home and a lifetime of safety.” The students received a […]

Read About Alaine’s DIY Guide Grant

Congratulations to WMHS teacher Alaine Davis, who was awarded a $250 Allen Distinguished Educators DIY grant for the Glenn Corey: 52 Minute Challenge. Read this Woodinville Weekly article all about it. The purpose of the DIY Grants is to “help the organization enhance the replicability of the DIY Guides, and their adaptability to a range […]

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