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Here are a few photos from Immersion Week, Algebra 2 and Festival of Lights. Click on the photos to see full-size versions.

Dental Job Shadow Made Her Smile

By May H. '18— Ash (grades 10-11) students got the privilege to job-shadow a person this January. For my job-shadowing experience I shadowed Stacey Sype, a dentist, at Mukilteo Smiles. It was an amazing experience. Some of the things I did were watch Dr. Sype and her assistants clean patients’ teeth, put crowns on, take […]

Junior Gives High Marks to Job Shadow

By Isabel C. '17— On Wednesday, I job-shadowed the owner of local small business Northwest Printed Apparel, Julie Howard. I stayed at her building, along with my classmate Yunhao, from 9 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon. I’d known Julie a little from last year, when we went to her to make shirts […]

A New Addition to Our Team

By Director of Secondary Programs Sunita Pailoor— I am excited to announce that Jill O’Keefe is our new college counselor. Jill will be working primarily with our High School students to guide them through the college application process. Jill grew up in Western Canada, earning a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts […]

Drawing with Depth and Dimension

Every Thursday, the Secondary community takes part in its elective classes which consist of a drama class, a STEM class (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), and an art class, which is what I will be writing about today. This semester, the art students focused on depth and dimension in their drawings, making them more realistic and […]

Habari Gani! Ash celebrates Kwanzaa for Festival of Lights

By Sunniva P. ’19— The Ash (High School) classroom celebrated Kwanzaa this past Festival of Lights, learning about traditional African culture and also teaching younger children about the customs and values of the holiday! Festive and traditional foods were presented, including plantains and also a serving of beans and rice. African music was shown in […]

What is Immersion Week?

By Alaine Davis, Middle School teacher— As part of the education of early adolescents, Maria Montessori believed it was important to give students opportunities to create and build things with their own hands, to understand the process of working toward a big goal, and to immerse themselves deeply in meaningful work. At WMHS, we expect […]

Math Club

By Finn O. ’20— The Math Club is a group of students at WMHS who work together and with a volunteer, Dipankar Ray, to improve their math thinking skills. Although Math Club is mainly made up of middle school students, it also includes upper elementary students. The club is not limited to students in advanced […]

Community Service, Purrfect Pals

By Dylan R., 8th grade— Every few weeks a group of Secondary students go to the Purrfect Pals for their community service. Purrfect Pals is a no-kill cat shelter that is operating in Arlington, helping even cats that have cancer. The group goes down to Purrfect Pals every few weeks to help out with their […]

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