Why Does a Montessori Middle School Give Letter Grades?

By Alaine Davis, teacher— At the Secondary level, Montessori schools across the world vary in how they assess and provide feedback on students’ work. All agree that narrative feedback is extremely valuable, and that individual student progress is paramount, but otherwise there is a diversity of opinions among Montessori teachers and administrators on the issue […]

Hearing the Gilded Age

By Ivy M. ’17— Recently in American Studies, the 11th-graders have been studying the Gilded Age, Progressive Era, and Reconstruction, particularly looking at it through the lens of music. They listened to an interview with author Rebecca Edwards about her book “New Spirits: Americans in the Gilded Age,” and took notes as well as discussing […]

The Papaya Girl

By May H. ’18— Once upon a time there lived a couple named Surya and Aditya Matahari. They were grateful to the gods in many ways, yet they were sad because they couldn’t have children. Surya prayed to the gods to grant him and Aditya a child. One day, Surya was cutting down papayas when […]

Government Skits

By Zoe C., 8th grade— The 7th and 8th grade Social Studies class performed skits about different forms of government, such as: Oligarchy, Monarchy, Republic, Democracy and Dictatorship. Students enjoyed dressing up as different leaders and coming up with entertaining performances about how each form of government works.


By Kelly Koffman, teacher— While most of you are aware that we are using a Readers-and-Writers-Workshop model in English Language Arts this year, what you may not know is that we are in need of great books for our classroom library. Parents have likely noted that their student is reading a different book every week […]

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

By Stephen P., 8th grade— In the WMS Secondary community, it has recently been brought up that we do not have any gender-neutral bathrooms, which is another word for a one-person bathroom for anybody to use. At the current moment if anybody wanted to use a gender-neutral bathroom they would have to go over to […]

“Chomp” Book Review

By Sharvani K., 7th grade— I recently read the book “Chomp” by Carl Hiaasen. I think the story is very adventurous, a little humorous, and a page turner. It has a couple swear words, so I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you are under ten. The book is about an animal wrangler named Mickey Cray […]

Why Everyone Should Be Playing “Undertale” Right Now: A Summary

By Isabel C.’17— “Undertale,” by Toby 'Radiation' Fox, is a fairly new indie release for the PC, and one that’s not well-known in the gaming world at large just yet. Making its first appearance as a small demo in May of 2013 and then again on Kickstarter in June, the game was eagerly anticipated by […]

Bubble Soccer is Super Fun

By Gabriel B., 8th grade— On November 6th the Ginkgo classroom went on a field trip to play bubble soccer. We drove in two buses that brought us to the bubble soccer field. We had an instructor who showed us how to correctly fit into the ‘bubbles’ and told us a few rules. Only twelve […]

Learning Some Calligraphy

By Emery A. ’17— This past week, 9th grade student Yunhao gave a presentation about Chinese calligraphy. We were educated in how to draw the specific directions of the characters, e.g. how to draw a horizontal line, a vertical line, diagonal, etc. An activity on Chinese gambling was planned, but not executed, and will be […]

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