Juniors Analyze Art

Eleventh-graders select American art each will discuss in front of the group according to set criteria. Juniors are applying the methods of a visual arts critique to American artworks. That includes describing the work, analyzing it according to elements and principles, interpreting it with a personal hypothesis as to meaning—both in a larger context, and […]

“Critical Thinking” in a WM High School English Class

By Sharon Dunn, teacher— The answer to that question is in many ways, all intended to give people a chance to go deep, to process, to consider. Take, for example, work 9th and 10th graders did after reading assorted descriptive card material on archetypes—condensed here into a Q & A format. After this conversation, the […]

My Favorite Books

Book Recommendations for Middle & High School By Alaine Davis, teacher— With the addition of Reader’s Workshop in middle school English/Language Arts classes this year, I have been hearing and talking a lot about books with students. Although I teach math and science, I am an enthusiastic reader and like at least some of the […]

A Thanks to France

A poem just for fun. By Annika M. and Daisy H., both 7th grade— A Thanks to France It starts as a seed, And grows to a sprout, Then comes the potato. Soon after, There are knifes, And hot oil, Now, Here’s the French fries. Salty, Crunchy, French, Fries. With a burger, I want fries, […]

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